About us
Our work

EKB turned 10 years old this january. The main area of our expertise is developing and maintaining custom software solutions for financial institutions. Our most important and developed product is a stock accounting software Francina (certified by Central Securities Depository of Lithuania (CSDL)) aimed at financial brokerage and management firms, and related products - custom web trading platforms and first of its kind automatic trading and accounting software based on Saxess system, which sends and accounts all orders during trading without human interference. Another one of our products is BrokerSX - software which allows monitoring stock exchanges on Saxess system in real time. Though software is designed primarily for brokers we also provide a modified version suited for regular clients.

Currently EKB has successfully implemented solutions for clients such as:

  1. DnB Nord bankas, Financial Brokerage Department;
  2. Ūkio banko investicijų valdymas, Financial Brokerage Department;
  3. MP investment bank (Islandija), brokerage;
  4. Orion securities, brokerage;
  5. Finnhill, brokerage;
  6. Jūsų tarpininkas, brokerage;
  7. JT investicijų valdymas, fund management firm.

EKB has also won the contest by the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania to develop a system that enables them to oversee how the managers of pension funds operate in Lithuania. This system has been in use since 2008.